Experience the ease, comfort and convenience of laser hair therapy at home.


Wireless, hands-free laser hair growth treatment sessions give you freedom to relax at home while enjoying light activities such as reading, surfing the net or watching your favorite TV show.


Weighing less than pound and supplied with foam cushioning pads, the laser hair helmet is comfortable to wear. It only produces 1 degree centigrade of heat during a complete 20-minute session.

Easy to Use

A simple push of a button initiates your laser hair therapy session.

Treatment Tracking

Our automated treatment counting system totals all your laser hair restoration treatments since the day you first initiated therapy so that you can optimize your therapeutic regimen.

Voice Prompts

Voice technology keeps you informed by disclosing your total number of laser hair treatments, time left for your current treatment, batteries status and important updates.


The Theradomeā„¢ LH80 PRO is easily transported with an available optional travel bag so users do not have to miss laser hair therapy sessions when traveling.

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